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The Full Story


Starting a new project is exciting, but I can get lost without a clear plan.

I have a structured way of working that allows me to be creative but not forget the initial theme.

mood board

Starting Point

After the initial idea for the Collection I complete a mood board.

From this I select motifs which I feel capture the essence of the chosen theme.

The motifs\sprigs are hand crafted or built in a 3d program and resin printed.

A silicone mould is made into which the clay will be pressed to produce each individual sprig.

Hundreds can be made for each vessel


Creating the Vessel

Using traditional casting methods, a plaster master of the vessel shape is produced.

Then a reverse plaster mould is made for slip casting.

Once the slip cast vessel is completed ,it is left to dry a little before all the sprigs are added by hand to create the vessels unique story.

raw sphere.jpg
raw sphere 1.jpg
bisque sphere.jpg


When finished, the vessel is dried , gently sanded to remove any sharp edges and bisque fired.

After first fire it is washed and refined before final fire which gives it the satin marble finish Parian is famous for.

final sphere.jpg
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