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The Full Story


I worked for many years in the theatre and film world as specialist costume maker, which involved creating original costumes with intricate detail and historical reference.

Over the past few years I have transfered my skills to explore other mediums.

Two years ago I started working with Parian Clay and Slip, influenced by the work of the Copeland and Minton Factories.



Parian is a quirky Clay to work with, it drys very quickly so it is difficult to model or throw. It  is used mostly in its slip form.

It was thought to be invented by Copeland in 1842 to imitate carved marble to supply the market with statuettes and busts made from moulds rather than hand carved


I believe its beauty lies in its fired surface,

smooth and creamy with a soft self-glazed sheen .


I had no idea, when I started working with Parian how much pleasure this Clay and slip would give me, each time I created a new piece another idea would materialise.

The possibilities are endless.... 

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